Maine Granite King

Have Granite Will Travel


     My name is Bob Brennan. I buy and sell old Maine granite here at my farm in Troy, MAINE.

     I buy my granite within a 100 mile radius of my business. I locate an old Maine farmhouse or barn that has a granite foundation, locate the owner of the property and try to buy the granite. If you're lucky the granite step stones and a granite well cover may also be at the location.

     Finding granite millstones, granite water troughs, granite hitching posts, granite fence posts, and/or granite obelisks is more difficult. Talking with senior Mainers is usually helpful.

     I started my granite business in 1996. The local church in Troy was having the old granite foundation replaced with a concrete one and I bought the granite. I placed a couple of granite pieces around my farm house as benches. A landscaper saw them and wanted to know if I had any other pieces of granite. He bought all the granite slabs, thus, began Have Granite Will Travel.